BestDrive car service review – scam exposing video


Few days ago we found out that our car is leaking oil. It can be only 2 things. It’s either engine oil or transmission oil. Either way not good. After a brief superficial check – you know when you open the hood and pretend to know what you’re doing – at least in my case. The engine was fine, clean, no traces of oil explosion. My husband went to his acquaintance, who is a car mechanic, he told him that it’s the automatic transmission unit leaking oil. Well… BestDrive car service is pretty much the only big car repair company around where I live.

BestDrive car service review – video aka save your money!!

This is when BestDrive comes on stage. They even have banners advertising “we will change your automatic transmission oil fast and cheap” *cough* 5 hours *cough* My man went there and asked for a price offer. We knew it’s gonna be expensive. What we didn’t know that they will do us that dirty.

This is the price offer we got. 20 L, remember that we will get to that later. Now I am no expert but what pisses me off is when experts (BestDrive car service) treat other people as dummies and prey on them.

All I did was a brief googling and found out, that instead of paying 11409 Kč/457 $ for car parts, I can order them myself for 5279 Kč/217 $. That’s a huge difference!!! We called them immediately and found out that..

Better price offers than BestDrive car service.
Uncle Google found cheaper options

If we would let BestDrive order the parts the work would cost 700 Kč/28$/hour, with our OWN parts (which would be exactly what BestDrive car service would order for us) the cost would be 900 Kč/36$/hour? Because we eliminated their cash-grabbing method they were bold enough to increase a price that should be fixed. What?

That’s not all. We spoke with a couple of other car mechanics and one of them almost yelled at my man:

Why would you need 20 L of oil? What for? A truck? You only need 8 L including the flush. I have everything it will cost you 8500 CZK (345 $), 1 hour work time.

An honest car mechanic

I respect the hustle but not scams. We did some research and automatic transmission maintenance can cost you from 5000 Kč/203 $ up to 15000 Kč/610 $. Was it a coincidence that BestDrive wanted to charge us 14909 Kč/597 $? I don’t think so. However, after all this, they had that audacity to call my father-in-law (he was at BestDrive car service with my hubby) and yell at him, where’s the car? When we called them that we will let them know if we’re still interested. Not only they lack professional approach they also don’t know how to plan their job.

Good job BestDrive! You permanently lost another potential customer. I have a slogan especially tailored for you. (Watch the video at 4:40)

Your DP

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