Harley Quinn’s Egg Sandwich with home-made bread – video

Did the movie Birds of Prey make you crave the Harley Quinn’s perfect egg sandwich? I’m not gonna lie, the looks Harley gave that egg sandwich are relationship goals. And you can make it at home right now. Of course, you can buy the bread but if you want more complex experience and taste, bake your own bread. It’s super easy!

Harley Quinn, I totally got you!

Watch my Harley Quinn’s Perfect Egg Sandwich video for instructions in combat conditions during COVID-19 and my fellow bookworms continue reading the recipe.


Ciabatta bread (a.k.a. the Italian flip flop bread)
– 500g bread flour (all-purpose is ok too) + for sprinkling
– 380 ml of warm water
– 1/2 tsp dry yeast
– 2 tsp salt
– 1 tsp sugar
– olive oil

For yummy egg sandwich
– Grease (cooking oil, coconut oil, ghee butter…)
– Sliced American cheese (or any kind you prefer)
– Bacon
– Butter (unsalted)
– Eggs (2 eggs per sandwich)
– Spicy/hot sauce (mustard was great too)

Baking that ciabatta, mamacita

There’s no sandwich without bread, so let’s make one! Pour warm water in a bowl, dissolve dry yeast with sugar in it. Add ½ flour and mix well. When it’s nicely combined put in the other half mixed with salt. You should end with a non-sticky smooth dough.

Cut the dough into 4 pieces and place each one in a bowl greased with olive oil. Cover it with cling wrap and let it rise for 3 hours. You can speed the process by putting the bowls into the oven but be careful! Don’t set the temperature higher than 40°C (104°F). You wouldn’t want to end up with a plastic sandwich. Ew.

When it’s proofed enough gently scoop it out and shape it a little into small baguettes. Place it on a baking tray generously sprinkler with flour and bake it on 230°C (446°F) for 8 min then on 200°C (392°F) for 15 min. You should end up with tasty ciabattas ready to be transformed into Harley Quinn’s egg sandwiches.

Eggs, bacon and cheese but no British please

This part is no brainer, just make some fried eggs and bacon while the bread is in the making. May I suggest runny yolks because the egg sandwich tastes instantly better. But to each their own. Finished bread – preferably still hot from the oven – is ready for some butter. Smear it all over both halves right in the pores. Optional step – you can slap it on the pan with the leftover bacon grease and fry it just a little.

Assembly time! My favorite. Layer your Harley Quinn’s egg sandwich in this order – bacon, eggs, cheese, and hot sauce.

Bon appetit!

Harley Quinn’s Perfect egg sandwich made from scratch cut in half.

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