Harley Quinn’s Egg Sandwich with home-made bread – video

Did the movie Birds of Prey make you crave the Harley Quinn’s perfect egg sandwich? I’m not gonna lie, the looks Harley gave that egg sandwich are relationship goals. And you can make it at home right now. Of course, you can buy the bread but if you want more complex experience and taste, bake your own bread. It’s super easy!

Harley Quinn, I totally got you!

Watch my Harley Quinn’s Perfect Egg Sandwich video for instructions in combat conditions during COVID-19 and my fellow bookworms continue reading the recipe.

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BestDrive car service review – scam exposing video

Few days ago we found out that our car is leaking oil. It can be only 2 things. It’s either engine oil or transmission oil. Either way not good. After a brief superficial check – you know when you open the hood and pretend to know what you’re doing – at least in my case. The engine was fine, clean, no traces of oil explosion. My husband went to his acquaintance, who is a car mechanic, he told him that it’s the automatic transmission unit leaking oil. Well… BestDrive car service is pretty much the only big car repair company around where I live.

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Chloe Ting Challenge | 25 days hourglass – Video

Chloe Ting challenge results – video in the article below

During quarantine, I ran out of excuses and finally started doing something for achieving my dream. I never had problems with weight (objectively), but as long as I can remember I never had a belly that I wanted and hope that Chloe Ting challenge can help me with that.

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